Distribution Changes

Ebooks: Distribution is going down from being on Kobo, Ibooks, Barnes&Noble, Google Play, and Amazon to just being available on Amazon. I know, a big leap, but most of my sales are from Amazon. I might make them available on all the others eventually. Paperbacks: Instead of being available just on Barnes and Noble, I … Continue reading Distribution Changes


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and the new year celebrations. I sure did. A couple hours ago (I believe...), I was all into the Rose Parade. My two favorites this year was the Trader Joe's float and the "Make Your Own Momentum" one. I have a thing for penny-farthings. Below … Continue reading Happy New Year!

The Trade Off

"I'll make you up, girl." the woman said. Her eyelashes long like the strings that came attached. The price uttered under her breath beauty traded for values sculpted away until all the girl bled was diamonds.   Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Compromise

Cover Updates

  Aren't they pretty? I decided that my covers for my ebooks didn't necessarily transfer over to physical books well, so I refreshed them. You can get both ebooks here but, you can only get the physical book for Nefarious Creatures here. (The Quest for Og is processing.)

Year 1

Little did I know when I took that first step when I filled out the form it would be other things and you on the other side   Little did I know I'd receive my wings there become me there and find you   I breezed in and flowed out a different person goodbye, I … Continue reading Year 1

4:17 a.m.

What am I doing? I act as if they care I plan with purpose but the cold wind strips me bare What am I doing? I act as if they care but in truth they are just the cold wind stripping me bare.


Tardy was his passion though it came and went like lightening Sunny days were somber while cloudy days held promise. via Daily Prompt: Tardy