I should've known that's what you put me in like a viper you struck what dripped from your fangs was uncolored and didn't alert my senses what ran through my veins wasn't venom but the sweetest most life-giving elixir that I've ever had the pleasure of feeling. via Daily Prompt: Trance


My fingertips found your thorns they cry a droplet of blood while my eyes form tears Rose, you need no protection from me I'm sorry if you ever felt you did via Daily Prompt: Prickle

Keep Calm

The open mouth of the chasm I leaped the last one as soon as I gave myself a chance Only this one proves difficult how to catch a savior's eye? Sitting in the middle of the cord praying hard that it doesn't snap I wait for change to breeze me to the other side. via … Continue reading Keep Calm

Casual Me

Colorful flip flops Shorts or jeans a latte if you would be so kind Hair anywhere the wind will go Daydreamy eyes that let you see my soul Not a care to be found My childish giggles like to tickle passersby via Daily Prompt: Casual