My Brand Spankin’ New Website

Last week I was trying to figure out a way to make my author website look better. And after driving myself completely crazy, I decided to move it off of WordPress all together. So, take a gander at my new website. It was really fun to make and I hope it looks nice!! If you … Continue reading My Brand Spankin’ New Website


Happy Pub Day to Popsicles!

Today is the first official day of summer, so it's only fitting that Popsicles is out today to help you celebrate! Popsicles is a collection of poetry dedicated to summer. Inside, the nature and experiences of summer are painted in vivid color. Summer weddings, shimmering hummingbirds, sassy lemonade stands and of course popsicles. Get an … Continue reading Happy Pub Day to Popsicles!

You Know Why

I'm free and trapped, you say? Maybe you're right. I let the air and light raise my sheets and twirl in summer pollen. Night cools the earth and I get out my silk key. I can't come out, not yet.   Like my poetry? Grab a copy of Popsicles: A summer through poetry.

The White Window

I will open again whispered the white window. While it rained a blissful glow contrast to the biting inside. Me, clinging to my blankets head to toe in snow.   Perched on the bed waiting feeding on my memories rationed as if they won't last the winter, this dreadful cold. Tears to fresh ice, slick … Continue reading The White Window